smartStage 70: our biggest 3.5-ton mobile stage

smartStage 70

71 qm area

10.00 m Width

7.20 m Depth

6.80 m Height


The maximum in the 3.5 ton segment.

The smartStage 70 comes very close to its bigger sister, smartStage 80. There are only a few centimeters missing in width, depth and clearance. That is why the smartStage 70 is our compromise candidate. Of course, a stage with a weight between 3.5 and 5.4 tons has not the same capabilities like its bigger sister, the smartStage 80 with tara weight of 13 tons. Yet you may get a lot of stage for your money. A big square, lots of clearance and 2.2tons roof load capacity are the maximum in this stage class.