We are Kultour.


Kultour GmbH is specialised in mobile stages and mobile grand stands.


For more than 20 years we are focused on mobile stages. 

Since we started our business in 1994, we developed 16 different stages and stand, which gave us a good standing on the national and international markets. Meanwhile we are one of the 5 worldwide leading companies with a product range from 20 to 180 m² stage space, 2 innovative grandstand- and 3 mobile video wall-systems. 

Compared with our competitors,

we are better in construction and structural safety, because we are cooperation partners with Expo Engineering, the leading engineers for construction and static calculation for temporarily structures. Even on the surface of our stages we have highly recommended partners that give best results. We manufacture and assemble our stages in Münster, so all our products are Made in Germany.

What is our inspiration? 

We are looking in our markets for product-solutions that give an extra value to our clients. In average our products in operation save more than 90% time and manpower, compared with conventional systems.

So our clients get functional, good looking products in high quality that gives them benefit for many years. That is why our prices are slightly higher than those from our eastern competitors…

…and also why our products are prime selection.


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