Buy a mobile stage – 4 ways to your smart Stage

That our mobile stages are consistently made by hand and customised can be easily observed from a simple fact:  whoever orders a stage receives a delivery date and we get going. As our stages are accordingly built just-in-time and not sold out of our inventory, a waiting time of a few weeks or even longer cannot be avoided. 


However, in order to make short-term stage wishes also come true, we keep a limited number of our stages as a constant supply. These are the 4 ways to your smart stage:


1 – Just Arrived // we always produce some pre-order stages to be kept 'in stock'. Once available, they are ready for immediate pickup. They can be used immediately and are also a bit cheaper, because we can pass our advanced planning on to you.  

2 – Second Hand // Through trade-ins and repurchases we are able to offer you some good second-hand stages. Since our stages have legendary longevity you can still get into the top tier of mobile stages here on a tight budget.

3 – Coming Soon // These are stages which we have planned in pre-order production and which will appear in category 1 - Just Arrived - as soon as they are ready. Your advantage: with a little advanced planning, you can carefully check your budget and act accordingly. Of course, if you place your order in this phase, you will also profit from our advanced planning, which we gladly pass on to you.

4 – Order // Your smartStage is built individually for you. You can influence every detail and have a binding delivery date, but you still have to wait until your stage is finished and assembled.


Just check this page out regularly for new pre-order and good second-hand stages - you cannot calculate any more cheaply for your planned or spontaneous new purchases:

Your advantages

  • We offer you significant discounts and advantages for all the bargains on offer here, which are listed in full detail in the descriptions.

  • Either no or only very little waiting time.

  • Tap into your planning reserves free of any risk.

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The rules

"First come, first served." – 

we do not guarantee the availability of the stages produced in this list and do not make any reservations - this involves currently active items: whoever comes first is awarded the contract.


Bitte informieren Sie sich auf unseren Konfigurator-Seiten über die vielfältigen Möglichkeiten einer von Grund auf individuell für Sie konfigurierten und gebauten smartStage.