smartStage Construction Kit

The smartStage construction-kit offers different options to configure the individual stage. Beginning with the chassis, four different options can be chosen. Regarding accessories and extensions Kultour offers a range of solutions for better optic, higher loads or easier set-up. All options are indicated with the product. Further on we offer branding options on back-and sidewalls.


Stage Options

smartWing: Truss-extension to enlarge the front truss in order to hang PA or banners.
smartOutrigger: Extends the stage opening and allows to fly PA loads and attach Banners.
smartTruss: Replaces the front corner post for optical reasons.
smartDrop: Back wall made of a special textile material, light like gauze, densely like tarpaulin
smartControl: all set-up-functions can be operated by hydraulic means and wireless remote control

Vehicle Options

Most of our stages that are not offered as semi-trailers can be ordered in different chassis-options